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Woezel & Pip

Recently I worked on the animated children series Woezel & Pip. It's produced By Droomjagers and Illuster productions and Directed by Patrick Raats. It is based on illustrated children-books written by Guusje Nederhorst.

This is the Leader:

De Tandenpoes

This project is commissioned the GGD and is produced by studio Carambolas and Illuster productions. Here are some of pictures of de TandenPoes:

This project is a series of short films that is intended to show kids the importance’s of brushing their teeth. It will be shown on elementary schools in the Netherlands. The ‘Tandenpoes’ is a cat that has a brush on his tail which he uses to brush the teeth of the animals in the forest. Because he is too busy brushing their teeth the children should learn to brush their own teeth. I’ve done the rough animation together with Digna van der Put. It was a great assignment and I have had much fun with it!

The flaneur

I like to present a project I’m working on together with Digna van der Put. The story is about a poet who wants to catch the city in a poem. The poet wanders the streets to observe the city and its occupants, when he comes close to discover the identity of the city, It becomes impossible for him to keep his reservations and he is swept into the pumping hart of of the city.

Here is some artwork I made for ‘The Flaneur’.

Reis door de Stad: animation sequence

Here is the sequence I made for the animated short Reis door the stad. The première was at the Museum night at Rotterdam. It was a big succes, many people have seen the film and were enthousiastic!

You can see more about reis door de stad on the website.

Reis door de stad

Here is a preview image of the sequence I made for the short "Reis door de stad". It's a cool experimental project created by a couple of animators. The Theme of the film is; A journey through the city. The experimental part of the movie is that the animators pass along the last frame (image) they did to the next animator in line. So nobody knows how the movie develops. The only parts that are known for the animators are the theme and the music which is made by Convoi Exeptional.

Paul and the Dragon

This is a compilation of some of the shots I animated for the award winning film Paul and the Dragon (Paultje en de Draak). This animated film is made by Albert 't Hooft and Paco Vink at Anikey studio. For more info visite the dutch site and for the english version click here.

Compilation of Paul and the Dragon from Daan Faudet on Vimeo.

You can watch the trailer below:


I've made this leader with Digna van der Put. It's our secundary graduation assignment. It's a leader for an Animation film festival.

Leader for an animation film festival from Daan Faudet on Vimeo.